North Dorset Tri

Club Championship Races 2018


The objective of the club championship is to:

Provide a means of bringing the club members together through having a common focus of friendly fun!!! To encourage beginners to take their first steps into competition and provide a fair competition for all members.

The championship will run from 1st January 2018 to the Christmas party in December 2018, & will be open to all paid up members of the club.


There will be two competitions, a SHORT COURSE & LONG COURSE Championship, based on points scored from events for each competition category. A Female & Male Champion in each competition, who have amassed the most points, will be crowned at the Christmas party.


There are a range of disciplines to compete in, which will earn points towards the championship. Points are awarded by competing in Triathlon's, Aquathlon's, Duathlon's, & single swim, bike & run events.

This is designed to encourage more Tri club members to enter different events & promote the club name, whilst earning points for your Championship total.

Each discipline & distance will carry a maximum number of points available towards your Championship total score.

For example; An Olympic Triathlon will have a maximum 1500 points available.

A single equivalent element over the same distance (ie 10k run) will have a maximum 1/3rd of the points available.

So a 1500 meter swim, 40km bike Time Trial OR 10km run would carry a maximum 500 points.

The same principle would apply for an aquathlon or duathlon with 2/3rd's of the max points available (1000 points).


A member can enter as many events of their choice as they wish, however, a maximum limit will be placed on each Championship to encourage fair competition.

The best scoring 7 events (short course) & 5 events (long course) will be used towards your overall Championship points.

Once the event limit has been reached, you can swap out your lowest score for a better scoring event to improve your league table position. We are a Triathlon Club, therefore you must enter at least ONE TRIATHLON in a Championship, in order to qualify your points total. ie Complete one sprint or olympic tri, with up to 6 other events for the short course championship. This is designed to encourage competition over the full year, & enable those injured or unable to compete in more than 7 events to have a fair chance to amass points.


Points will be added to a league table for each Championship split by female & male categories, & be uploaded to the club Facebook page & updated monthly.

The leading members in each category & competition at the time of the club Christmas party will be crowned as champion.

Note To maximise you points total, consider the list of event distances with min/max points at the bottom of this document.


It has been recognised that awarding points based on a members time against their peers (age group), creates a fair basis of competition. Typically, each event organiser allocates an age group banding for each competitor (i.e 40-44 age group) & will be used to calculate Championship points for each member. In the case of no age group banding or senior / veteran classification, then points will be awarded based on the event organisers categorised results.


Points are calculated based on the athlete’s race finish time behind the first finisher in his/her age group. Points continue to drop as the race time increases, until the points reach a "points floor," at which point they don’t drop any further. This adds value to the minutes & seconds in each competition, whilst ensuring points are allocated regardless of finish time. (A DNF/DSQ will not score points). Points will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. Points will be added to a league table split by Short & Long course. Each Championship will be governed by the same principles as listed below.


Short Course – Sprint & Olympic distance triathlon, aquathlon & duathlon events. Plus single discipline events such as your Park Run 5K Personal Best, 10k running races, cycling time trials up to 40k & swimming events up to 1500m

Long Course – Middle Distance (70.3) & Iron Distance triathlon events. Plus single discipline events such as half, full & ultra marathons, cycling time trials from 40k to 100 miles & swimming events over 1500m

For any other events not listed, please seek clarification of points available that can be added to the championship.



Only paid up members can enter the Championships. (Typically due February)

New members will have points allocated from membership joining date, no previous points to be allocated

All members to notify the club via the Facebook page of events to be competed in or up to 2 weeks after an event in order for points to be allocated. Notification after 2 weeks of an event WILL NOT count towards your Championship points 

You can enter both championships (short & long course) if you wish. Just compete in an event, & notify the club of your participation via the clubs Facebook page

A minimum of 1 triathlon is required in each Championship you wish to enter (we are a tri club after all)

You can compete in as many events as you want, however, a maximum of 7 event scores for the short course & 5 events for the long course will count towards your overall championship points

Your highest scores will be used to determine your overall points

Parkrun - Only your 2018 Personal Best (any course), can count for the short course championship. A maximum of 250 points is available & scores will be calculated using the same age graded method as described within the club rules 

Results will be taken from recognised event organisers websites & / or results confirmation only

Athletes are encouraged to check their points/rankings throughout the year to make sure all of their results are accurate & notify the club via the Facebook page for any discrepancies

Championship results to be uploaded to the club Facebook page at least monthly

In the event of a dispute, the NDTC committee will have the final decision NOTE - Rules can be subject to change via consultation and approval from the NDTC committee.